MS Arquitectos

Arquitecture and engineering

We are a long experienced Spanish company of the architecture and engineering field, focused on project management.

Project Management: Project Management: global service from the project plan to the handing out of the building work. Architecture and Engineering Consulting.

Strategic policy of company: We consider ourselves as a creative, flexible, dynamic and hardworking company. All these is felt by our clients as well as a pleasant manner.

Our activity is focused on four main points::
-Professionalism and Quality
-Continuos and Personalised Attention.
-Transparencia y Confianza con nuestros clientes

suites oficentro

Project Management

The main aim of Project Management is to fullfil the quality, costs and time limits standards of the project.

The Project Management model of construction is featured by the integration of all its stages: design, contracting, performing, finishing and exploitation.

This integrated management limits the global time and reduces its costs notably. It allows, therefore optimizing all the resources implied in the project. Project Management Stages



Search and/or consulting of the real state property according to the customer requirements having always in mind to maximize profitability.


Project basic requirements are defined with the customer: Quality, Cost, Time Limits, functional and aesthetics.


Our team draw up the corresponding Projects of Architecture and Engineering attending to the previously defined requirements.; Case this function is carried out by another company, our team will collaborate with them adducing solutions in order to guarantee the correct fulfilment of the client requirements.

Transaction and Contracting

Licences and Permits Management.. We analyse the most adequate contracting system. We carry out all the condition terms and study different offers. Most adequate contractor selection. Contracts Management.


Severe supervision of the works fullfilment, in agreement with the quality, cost and time requirements. We keep informed the client during the whole process.

Finishing Stage

We assist our clients to solve any possible incident that may occur until the start and handing of the building.


The Building Management or Integrated Building Direction main intention is to fulfil all the quality, cost and time limits objectives from the conditions established on the design stage. It includes the same services than “Project Management”, with the only difference that the intervention within the design and preliminary stages is inexistent.

The Building Manager, however, must collaborate with the corresponding technicians who carry out the projects, in order to minimize costs and the total duration of the project.
The application of this concept allows the direction and coordination of all the different activities involved, especially during the building stage.

The stages are:

  • -Project Study and Revision
  • -Administrative Management of Licences and Visas
  • -Contracting Management
  • -Building Management
  • -Finishing and Start on


The main objective of Project Monitoring is to establish a constant information channel with the client and technical direction about the state of the construction work, in order to guarantee the fulfilment of the project in agreement with the established quality, cost and time terms.

The basic areas to control include:

  • Material Reception
  • Work fulfilment

The constant information flux allows to detect:

  • Deviations of the agreed working plan
  • Deviations of Material quality
  • Deviations of fulfilment quality

In addition, to the daily frequency of the information transmitted, allows the different figures involved in the project to take the most adequate decisions as fastest as possible, leading to the minimization of the delays of the project fulfilment.

Arquitecture and Engineering consulting

Design & Function, the Harmonic Binomial

In MS Arquitectos we think that a great design is never against the functional requirements, but they live together in harmony. That is the reason why, our designs, being architecturally achieved, are also functionally satisfying. We work all styles, from classic Andalusian, to the most actual trends..

Also, the integration phillosophy from the Project Management is currently visible in each project we deliver. We think in the construction of each project while design is going on., From accurate measurements to highly detailed plans, getting the perfect relationship building-installations: a good documentation solves a lot of problems during construction stage.

Interior Design

We design to the last detail playing with spatial volume and comprehensive design in order to project optimal, spectacular and funtional spaces.

- Adecuate distribution, optimizing the use of the three dimentions and maximizing functionality and comfort.

- Optimizing color, textures, finishing, materials and forniture.

- Smart use of illumination, natural and artificial.

Building refurbishment

New or modernize installations.

Roof and facade:
Damp spots elimination and facade repair.

Rampas, salvaescaleras, etc.

General facilities:
Repair and upgrading of Electricity, plumbing, sanitary water, etc

Energy sustainability:
Upgrade existing buildings to meet modern environmental sustainability and energy saving specifications.

We have a long experience in project design and construction management of building refurbishent, including elevator installation (with private capital or public subsidy).


Experts reports and valuations

We have a long and successful professional experience in:
-Legal Expert reports and valuations, (working for private and public entities). We are high skilled in preparation and defense of technical rulings in legal processes.
-Real state valuations, for private and public sectors (hacienda, Junta de Andalucía, etc.)


-Inspecciones Técnicas de Edificios (ITE). (Technical Building Inspections) Our wide experience in the draft of Projects Proyectos, Costruction Management and executing bulding refurbishment makes us an ideal professional team for write ITE reports, that are mandatory for all buildings over 50 years old.
-Consultoría pre-ITE We do consulting for meet the requirements and elaboration of all the reports for achieve a positive ITE inspection.

Projects and opening licences

We manage all the process to achieve the city hall opening licence for open your stablishmento(procedures, projects, design, works, etc.

ms arquitectos Commissioning management
ms arquitectos maintenance management
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Below you will find some examples of our projects. Project fully executed by us as well projects where we collaborate with our services (project management, construction management etc), experience and consulting.

Highlighted project

Islamic Centre of Málaga

  • Developper: Min. Islamic Afairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • Budget: 15 milions €
  • Location: Málaga, Spain

In this great project we carried out the Project management, managing and supervising the whole process from start to end.


Highlighted project

Touristic Apparments "Suites Oficentro Deluxe"

  • Developper: Grupo Santos Oficentro S.L.
  • Budget: 3 milions €
  • Location: Málaga, Spain

A building for touristic apartments where we carried out all the Project Management, from the search of the land plot to the end of the construction.


Highlighted project

Residential complex "Brisas de Almayate"

  • Developper: Reyal Urbis
  • Budget: 11 milions €
  • Location: Almayate, Velez Málaga

Residentia complex coposed by 64 apartments, garage, store rooms and wide sports and green areas, where we carried out project design and construction management.


Touristic apartments

El Soho, Málaga

Residential complex "San Francisco Sur"



Riad, Arabia saudí

Residential complex "Hacienda los Olivos"

Rincón de la Vicoria, Málaga

Building with apparments and garages

Calle Nueva, 25 , Málaga

luxury villa

Benalmadena, Málaga

Building of apparments and comertial premises

Calle Nueva, 38, Málaga

luxury villa

Benalmadena, Málaga

Building with apparments, comercial premises and garages

Calle Victoria, 76, Málaga

International Designs

International Designs is a division of our company specialized in Architectural Design for foreign clients.

We provide our customers with a landmark design, from the desktop of our team of European Designers. We specialize in residential resorts, villas and special buildings.

We have wide experience dealing with customers in China, where we collaborate with local Design Institutes. In order to ensure the quality of the final result, our team travels the country on several occasions:

-During the design phase, to review with the client the progress of work, checking that meets the requirements and expectations, as well as special regulations.
-During the on site works, to supervise construction materials and systems. Please feel free to Contact us for any inquiry.

Experiencia: Among our customers you will find companies and entities like: